Tales from Charon – No Place Like Home – Part 1

Long time no update huh?  Needless to say, overtime at work is killing my ability to think.  Anywho, here is one I’ve been working on and I’ll try to get another out this weekend as well.


“Did I tell you I know a magic trick?” Ascheya asked me while giving me a devious grin, one fang bared.

Leaning around the corner in the foundry, I waited to see if there was any movement.  We hadn’t been able to find Samantha Schmidtweiler anywhere and the last place we had decided to look was at the power plant.

Gently, I tried to take my hand back from the unblinking child at my side, “I’m guessing this doesn’t involve doves?”  The little Andarain girl wouldn’t let me have my hand back.  Damn.

Looking back to Ascheya, I never saw it coming.  I felt Ascheya’s fist smack into my eye causing it to swell instantly.

“Nope, but I can make you’re eye swell with a wave of my hand,” she laughed.

“Ow!” I barked, covering my swollen eye with my free hand, “Why the hell would you do that!?”

“Oh you pussy,” she groaned, “I’ve seen you slap fight the guys back at the base.”

At the end of the hall were the steel doors to the power plant, “Jacob, what are we going to do with this girl? I asked, holding up the girl’s hand.  “I ain’t exactly the motherly type.”

“At ego non sum hædum,” the little girl next to me said, tightening her grip on my hand.  She must have been scared.

“Nolite solliciti. Curabo te,” she smiled up at me, but didn’t blink.  Her one human eye and one Andarain eye were always staring at me.

Ascheya snickered.

Reaching the doors, I looked down at the little girl, “Yes, we’ll get you a kitty when we get out of here.  Pointing at Ascheya and staring at her through my swollen eye I grunted, “And no, you can’t eat it.”

Leaning on the door, Jacob looked at the three of us, “You two are giving me diabetes and you,” he pointed at our little tag-a-long, “You can open this door can’t you?”

“Non est ostium. Morbi porta mente tantum percipiat,” the little girl replied, letting go of my hand and stepping up to the doors.

“Do any Andarains speak Earth standard?” I asked as she tapped the steel with her clawed right hand.  “I don’t know Andarain …”

Wait.  Why didn’t I notice that before?  Well, because I’m not a linguist, but it sounded like the same language that Ascheya was using when she talked to the hackers we fought.

“But it’s not Andarain is it Ascheya?” I asked.

“Course not stupid,” Jacob groaned.  “It’s that language everything here uses.”

With a splash, the door fell to the ground like it was made from water.  And not surprisingly, the little girl smiled at me.  Inside, facing a bank of what appeared to be computer monitors, was a man that I assumed was Andarain.

His skin was like out little friend’s; covered in tiny, iridescent black scales giving it a pale dark coloration.  His shoulder-length hair was the color of virgin snow and his feet were propped up on the keyboards.

Clapping slowly with his hands high over his head, the man chuckled, “Well done, well done,” he snickered.  Pointing to a young, blond woman hanging by chains on the wall he said, “But you wouldn’t want anything to hap …”

The Andarain man stopped in mid-sentence as he spun around in his chair.

The young woman looked up, “Daddy?”

Jacob stepped forward drawing his sword, but the stunned Andarain man raised his hand, “Alright, I’m sure we can reach a gentlemen’s agreement here.”

Ascheya drew her blades, but the Andarain flexed his hand toward the woman on the wall causing her to spasm in pain, “Whoa there, we don’t want this to end badly now.”

He relaxed and so did the girl on the wall, “You just let my mother go and I’ll give you this human okay?”

“Wha ..?” I stammered, but realized he was looking at the girl next to me.  “Her!?

Andarain women looked like children!?  She was full grown?

“Velles iniuriam. Mihi Legiones conatus es,” the girl … or woman next to me said in her childish voice.

With a flick of her wrist, the chains suspending the human woman turned to powder and she fell to the ground.  Jacob rushed over and grabbed her while the Andarain man stepped back.

“Mother, you …”

“Perime magi domino. Vos defecerunt me interficere quod interpretatur …” the smile evaporated from the woman’s face.

In unison, the skin began melting off the Andarain man’s face.  He might have been made from wax by the way his flesh poured away from his musculature.  Screaming, the man collapsed.

Writhing in pain the man called out, “Mother!”

Blood erupted from his mouth as his mother stepped forward, “Te fragilem ignavus. Te volo me occidere aliquem se non sperant.”

I watched as the man’s entrails crawled out of his mouth.  He was folding inside out!  Blood poured out in torrents and even as the man’s intestines looped out of his mouth, the small woman next to me stepped over him and looked at the monitors.

Ascheya patted me on the shoulder and followed her, looking down at the gore, she curled her lip, “Gross,” she commented.

Staring up at the monitors, the Andarain woman adjusted the monitor so the symbols on the screen stopped changing.  Typing on keyboard she grinned to herself.

“Vos potestis statuit eam ..? Ascheya started to ask, but the woman nodded.

“Puteus ‘procul sit cum uacuatur,” the small woman responded.

Stopping by Jacob and Samantha I patted the large man on the back, “I don’t know what they’re up to, but I think we need to get going.”

“How did you know?” Jacob asked Samantha, helping her to her feet.

Smiling gently, the young woman stared at the giant man that was her father, “How could a girl not know her own father?”


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