Jessica Redux – Chapter 4 – Scene 1

“Police are advising people to stay in their homes.  The infection can be spread through contact with infected victims.  Doctors have stated that the viruses are highly contagious and immediately lethal,” the strange voice echoed in Jessica’s mind.

Jessica’s head was laying against something and she was sitting in a chair.  The darkness wiped past.  A window?  Was she moving?

Looking up, she saw someone sitting next to her.  She was in a car and her head was lying against a window.  She took a moment to stare at the person next to her.

The driver was a young man with sandy blond hair and ornery eyes.  He appeared to be pretty tall and athletic and was wearing a green t-shirt that said Boston Celtics on it.  Something stirred inside her mind.

It wasn’t really a memory or even a recognition.  It was nothing more than a mental twitch, a spasm.  But that shadowy movement in her mind drifted toward a mental door where it opened something, something special.  There was a memory waiting behind that locked door.

Rabbit!  She was sitting in the car with Rabbit.  He was in trouble, but he must be okay.  Were they on a date?  He probably wouldn’t be able to get ice cream after their movie if had gotten in trouble.

She tried to ask him what movie they were going to watch, but nothing came out.  She wasn’t even sure if she was moving her mouth.  She tried, Jessica put all of her effort into forming the words, but no sound would come out.

“Don’t worry,” Rabbit said in a panicked voice. “We’re gonna get you help okay?”

Help?  Was something wrong?  Jessica tried to ask her boyfriend what was wrong.

“We just need to find a good doctor okay?” Rabbit said, steering the car through traffic.

Oh, it was her voice.  He wanted her to visit a doctor to get her voice back.  Then were they going to the movie?

Looking out the window, she noticed lights in the mirror.  They were different colors, they were pretty.  Red then blue then red then blue.  What were the lights, where were they coming from?

Lifting her head, Jessica looked over.  There was someone sitting next to her.  It was a young man and he was driving a car.  She must have been in a car.  Was she going somewhere?

Looking back, she noticed that they were pulling over.  She was in a car that was stopping on the side of the road.  Had they been going somewhere?  There were flashing lights in the mirror next to her.  They were red and then blue and then red and then blue.

“Officer Mark Sylvester, do you know …” Jessica heard a man’s voice say.

Looking over, she saw two men, one young and the other older.  Looking around, she realized she was in a car with the young man, he looked like he had been driving.  The older man was wearing a uniform of some kind.

“Miss?” the older man that called himself … what was it?  “Miss?  Are you okay miss?” he asked

“I’m trying to get her to a good doctor,” the young man said as the Officer ran around the car.

The officer opened the door next to Jessica and knelt down.  He was looking at her with his eyes wide open.  He was afraid.  Something about her scared him.  But he reached up and put his hand on her face, holding a light to her eyes.

She was looking in a mirror.  She looked horrible … and she looked horrific!  Her skin was drawn and pale.  It was festering and looked like it was rotting.  It had been stitched together in places, rough stitches designed just to hold the skin together, not actually repair it.  One of her eyes was dead, nothing but a pale orb and she was covered in blood, dried and caked blood.

And she was biting someone!  His screaming echoed in her ear, but she could also hear someone else yelling.  There were two voices.  There were two men’s voices, two men yelling as she bit someone on the arm.

Then there was a loud sound.  A thundering bang.  Gunshots.  The new sounds where gunshots!  Someone was shooting a gun and people were yelling.

A bullet punched through her chest and then another.  Nine in all.  Each bullet passed right through her.   Why didn’t they hurt?  Why was the man shooting her?

In the distance, the cries of police vehicles drew close.


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I am a member of the Kansas Writers Association and Wichita Writers Guild. I have successfully completed National Novel Writing Month and have completed 3 different novels. My first novel "The Fay Dragon Chronicles" unfortunately wasn't published, but I am currently trying to get my second book "The Seraphim Protocol" published. View all posts by Webgoji

2 responses to “Jessica Redux – Chapter 4 – Scene 1

  • Jack Flacco

    Love your opening paragraphs. Also loved seeing things from her POV. Again, very nicely done with the visuals! Then ending with bullets punching holes through her chest is vivid and graphic. Nice!

    • Webgoji

      Thanks for the comment Jack! We’re going to start seeing how quickly and violently the viruses are spreading in this chapter and moving on, how people are trying to stop the spread. Should be fun!

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