No Update Tuesday :-(

Sorry folks.  I got 700 words into Rage Overkill last night and realized that … well … it sucked mightily.  Ergo, the Rage Overkill series of short stories will actually have to start with what I thought would be the second in the series.

So coming up, we’ll have:

Wednesday – Tales from Charon – Ladies of the Night

Thursday – Charlene’s Kids – A Short Story

Friday – Rage Overkill – Hunter Hunted

Saturday – Jessica Redux – Chapter 4 – Scene 1

In the mean time, Elizabeth Olsen (from Silent House) has quasi-confirmed that she will be in the new Godzilla scheduled to be released in 2014.  I can’t say I really care considering nobody really knows anything about the new movie, but hey, Godzilla in 2014!

But if anybody can do a decent American version of Godzilla, it will probably be Legendary Pictures.

So until tomorrow!


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