Jessica Redux – Chapter 3 – Scene 2

Jessica sat in the back of the car wondering where she was going.  She stared intently at her hands as they sat passively in her lap.  The car wasn’t actually moving, but she wouldn’t be in a car if she wasn’t going somewhere.  She wondered for a moment who would be driving.

There were voices, but she couldn’t see anybody in the car with her.  She recognized at least three distinct voices, but there were many more than that talking.  But who were they talking to?

“Dispatch!  Officer down!  I repeat.  Officer down!” one voice yelled.

“Shooting them doesn’t stop them!  Dispatch, did you catch that!?” another voice yelled.

“I’m sending more units your way!” a woman’s voice responded.

Looking around, she could see lights, flashing lights that were bright blue and gleaming red.  Over and over they flashed.  The lights were coming from everywhere.  Or was it nowhere?

Looking out the window, she could see two white vehicles with the fire and ice lights on top.  Men dressed in white were guiding a girl with missing fingers into one of them and a man dressed in blue into the other.

Jessica watched the girl pause.  Stop.  And then shake her head, throwing her brown hair left and right.  The girl’s legs froze and the men laid her down on the ground.

Was something wrong with her?

The girl’s muscles seized.  Her legs kicked out straight and her back arched causing the men in white to panic.  They put their hands on her neck, checking for something.  Her body shook and her head banged into the ground.  Foaming spittle rolled out of the girl’s mouth and her arms twisted and bent and clawed at the ground.

Then it was over.

One of the men pushed on her chest.  Up and down, he pushed on her chest with both hands.  Putting his ear by her mouth, he seemed to listen at her and then put his mouth on hers.  Seeming to breathe into her, he blew into her mouth several times before trying to push on her chest again.

While the man in white was working on the girl, the other men dropped the person in the blue uniform.  He, like the girl, was stiff, his muscles flexed.  But more screaming drew Jessica’s attention away.

There was a girl, young by the looks of her, with striking brown hair lying on the ground.  She had the face of a man in her hands, a man that was dressed in white.  She was biting at him, tearing at his cheeks with her teeth.

Who was she?  Why was she doing that?

The girl, missing three fingers off of one of her hands, didn’t seem angry.  She was biting the man out of fear, a primal response.  She was simply lashing out.

Jessica looked back at her hands.  They were there in her lap, but she couldn’t feel them.  They might as well have belonged to someone else.  But there was a thumping sound coming from them.

No, it was coming from beside her.

Looking up, Jessica wondered why she was in a car.  Was she going somewhere?  No, there was man letting her out.  The man must have taken her somewhere.

He was an older man with silvery hair and kind, but frightened eyes.  He didn’t say anything, but she could hear the screams of someone nearby and the voices of people all around.  There were a few voices that seemed familiar.

The man looked at her closely, “Jessica?” he asked.


“Jessica.  Can you hear me?” he asked in a calm voice.

Yes, she could hear him.

“You have to come with me Jessica,” he said.  “Do you understand me?  You have to come with me.”

There was voice next to her, “Don’t.  You can’t go with him.”

Jessica turned to see a gorgeous man with dark hair and blazing eyes sitting next to her.  He smiled to her, giving her his best comforting expression.

“You’re too important,” he said, “You can’t go with him.”

A third voice sounded over them both, “Go with the man Jessica.  For the sake of everyone, go with him.”

The undead girl looked to the front of the car and saw a winged creature drifting over the hood.  It’s body was composed of countless eyes and tongues and its head had four faces that looked in the cardinal directions.  An immeasurable number of wings held the creature aloft.

“Go,” it said to her in a calm and peaceful voice.  “Go.”

Following the silver-haired man, Jessica heard gunshots and screams.  They were the screams of a horrified woman.

“What’s happening to her!” the woman yelled.

“She won’t die!” a man’s voice answered.

Not sure why, Jessica sat down in a car and let a silver-haired man close the door next to her.

She won’t die … can’t die.


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