Jessica Redux – Chapter 3 – Scene 1

A bed is for sleeping, but Jessica wasn’t sleepy.  She wasn’t even sure if she had just woken up or was supposed to be going to sleep.  She was just sitting on the edge of a bed with her hands in her lap.

Was it her bed or did it below to somebody else?  It had to be her bed.  She wouldn’t wake up in another person’s bed.  She wasn’t that kind of girl.  She wouldn’t be lying down in their bed either.  So it must be her bed.

What was she supposed to do?  It was quiet, very quiet.  Trying to think, Jessica dug through the coffers of her mind.  It was like looking for a shoe in an empty room.  Her thoughts, like the shoe, were supposed to be there, but instead there was just nothingness, an empty pit with no thoughts, memories or feelings.

A door opened across the room and a girl looked in.  The girl had long brown hair and striking brown eyes.  She watched Jessica for a few moments before opening her mouth.  Jessica listened intently to the sounds as they echoed down the corridor of her hearing.

“Hey Jess,” the girl said, “Uh … how ya doin’?

Doing what?  Jessica didn’t know who the girl was.  Maybe there was a memory somewhere in the empty closet of her brain that she could find.  She should answer the girl.

The girl was standing in front of her, “Jess?  Can you hear me?” she asked.

A sound like a moan came from Jessica’s chest.  She didn’t know what the sound  was, where it came from or what it meant.

Someone else entered the room quickly, two people.  There was a man and a woman that were older than the girl.  Confused, Jessica wondered where all the people where coming from, she wondered who they were and what they wanted.

“Kayla,” the woman put her hands on the girl’s shoulder, “I don’t think she can answer you.”

There was water coming out of the young girl’s eyes.  Why would water come out of her eyes?

“Is she going ..?” the girl started to try to ask, but the woman stopped her.

“No,” the woman said, “She’s not.  We thought she passed at the hospital.”

Jessica was confused.  Did somebody die?  Who were these people talking about?

Rabbit!  That had to be it.  She remembered that Rabbit had been in trouble.  She heard the strange groan happen again.  She wanted to cry, she wanted to be upset, but couldn’t find any feelings in the emptiness in her brain.

“The doctor is coming with the police Kayla,” the man said.  “They think the viruses worked, but want to be sure.”

“Viruses?” Kayla asked.  “They turned my sister into some Resident Evil zombie!?”

It looked like the girl was getting more upset.  She said someone was a zombie.  Were they watching a movie?  Maybe the girl named Kayla was scared by a zombie movie.

“No,” the woman grabbed the girl and turned her so she could speak directly to her, “They tried to give us a little more time with her okay?”

The girl tried to pull away, but the woman yanked her back, “Listen to me Kayla, your sister is dying …”

“THEN GET HER TO THE HOSPITAL!!” Kayla shrieked while more water poured out of her eyes.

The man spoke up, “She was there, but they said her body was stolen.  Then she popped up outside.  That’s why they’re on their way.”

The girl pulled away from the woman, “NO!  LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO HER!!” the girl was screaming.  She ran to Jessica’s side and put her hands on Jessie’s face.

Then the woman was screaming and the man was rushing across the room.  The girl was lying on the ground holding her hand with blood gushing onto the floor.

Jessica watched Kayla roll around on the floor.  She was missing some fingers for some reason.  It looked like they had just been cut off because she was bleeding profusely and screaming at the top of her lungs.  What happened?

Looking at her sweater, Jessica noticed that there was blood all over it and three fingers in her lap.  It was ruined!  Not to mention, she wasn’t sure how the blood and fingers had gotten there.  Was she cut and what was that noise?  It was like someone was screaming.

Looking up, Jessica saw a woman dragging a girl out of the room.  She wanted to know what happened.  The girl was hurt.  Who were they?  There was so much screaming; not just the girl, but there was screaming outside as well.

The people were gone from the door and in their place were two men dressed in blue uniforms pointing guns at her.


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I am a member of the Kansas Writers Association and Wichita Writers Guild. I have successfully completed National Novel Writing Month and have completed 3 different novels. My first novel "The Fay Dragon Chronicles" unfortunately wasn't published, but I am currently trying to get my second book "The Seraphim Protocol" published. View all posts by Webgoji

3 responses to “Jessica Redux – Chapter 3 – Scene 1

  • Jack Flacco

    I’m enjoying your story. I think you paint a very eerie painting with words that I find easy to visualize. I enjoy also how your characters ask the questions I had on my mind. It helps with the build and it develops the characters. Nicely written.

    • Webgoji

      Thanks for the comment Jack! Trying to provide the perspective of Jessica as her brain rots and she becomes more and more animalistic has proven to be rather difficult. When developing the plot concept for “Jessica Redux”, I felt that the confusion of someone losing their ability to think and remember as well as the loss of motor functions (i.e. being a rotting zombie) would make for a interesting perspective on the classic zombie tale.

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