Jessica Redux – Chapter 2 – Scene 2


Jessica was supposed to go home.  But there was something wrong with Rabbit.  He was in trouble wasn’t he?  Maybe that’s why she was going home.  He was there.

Jessica dragged herself up the sidewalk that lead away from the hospital oblivious to the alarm that had been sounded inside.  A corpse was missing.  But it couldn’t have gotten up and walked away, someone had to have stolen it.  The police had to be contacted, they needed to look for the person that stole the body.  Security was already reviewing the cameras.  They would see who did it and would be able to direct the police.

It was so dark outside.  Everything was haloed in black and Jessica could only walk from one light post to the next.  She knew she had to go home, she knew she had to eat, but those were the only things she could remember.  How did she get out onto the street?  Was she walking home from work?

A car raced past with fire and ice blazing on top of it.  It screamed at her, but she couldn’t understand what the scream meant.  To the undead woman, the sound was nothing but a muffled shriek careening through the tunnel of her hearing.  As fast as the car appeared, it was gone with its fire and ice lights on top and its wailing scream droning in the distance.

She was alone again with her thoughts, but no thoughts were there.  It was so hard to think.  Home.  She was going home, but where was she coming from?  She wondered if she had been at the game.  Had her high school team won?  But that didn’t make sense, she would be driving home, not walking.  She must have pulled a muscle too because her leg didn’t want to work.

“Well, well,” she heard a strange voice from the fog.  There were lights, some kind of lights, but they were dark all around the edges, like colored beams wearing Hell’s halo.

“Hey bitch, I wanna talk to you ’bout something,” the voiced echoed to Jessica through the fog of her hearing.

Unconcerned with the random noises, she paused as she bumped into something.  It was a car.  Where had the car come from?  It hadn’t been there a few moments before, but there it was now.  As she stood dumbfounded, wondering how long the car had been there, someone grabbed her shoulder.

“Hey!” a young man whirled her around, “I’m talkin’ to y …”

Jessica stared at the young man for a moment.  He was big, but not muscular.  Probably fifty or seventy-five pounds overweight with black hair and a black hooded jacket.  Who ..?  It was Reuben.  What did Reuben want?  Was she in school?

“What the fuck ..?” Reuben stepped back, “Happen …”

Eat.  She remembered two things.  She was supposed to go home and get something to eat.  The young woman heard a voice next to her reminding her of what she was supposed to do.

“Aren’t you hungry?” the voice asked as she turned.  It was a horrifyingly handsome man with blazing blue eyes dressed in a police uniform.  “He looks good enough doesn’t he?” the man asked.

Someone else, a blond boy grabbed Jessica by her sweater, “Dude, she’s all fucked up,” he said.

The boy.  Mark, Marvin ..?  What was his name?  She couldn’t remember.  She must be in school, these kids wouldn’t be here if she wasn’t in school.  It was so dark under the red glowing lights.  Kwik Shop, she read.  The lights spelled Kwik Shop.

The boy shrieked as Jessica bit down on his arm.  With all her might, she bit as hard as she could.  She knew her teeth where tearing through his skin and she could almost make out the gritty feeling of the shredding flesh, could almost feel the warm blood.

“Get off him!” she heard someone yell and then she couldn’t see.

There had been a sound, a dull thud.  Now she was looking at the ground.  She wasn’t home, she remembered.  They had carpet.  Maybe she was outside.  Playing basketball in the driveway with Rabbit.  But … Rabbit was in trouble.

Biting down on the arm that had grabbed her, she savagely tore into the meat on the chubby forearm.  The gritty sensation of chewing flesh was nice.  At least it was a sensation.  There may not have been any taste, but she could at least feel the blood and the sinews of the skin.  It was … alive!

“Holy shit bitch!” Reuben shrieked.  He had picked Jessica up after hitting her, thinking that he could intimidate her, but now she was biting him too.  Grabbing the woman, he threw her over the car.

“Bitch bit me!” his friend yelled, trying to cover the wound.

Why was she lying on the pavement?  She must have tripped trying to shoot.  But … she never tripped.  She was too good to just fall.  Standing up, she looked up at the light above her.  It was red and green and haloed in black; Kwik Shop, it said Kwik Shop.  She was supposed to be going home.

It wasn’t far then.  She stood up slowly, wondering why her legs seemed weak.  Not far and then she would  be home.

*  *  *

The police response time was under three minutes.  Jessica heard the squad car scream past, flashing the fire and ice on top, but she didn’t care.  They couldn’t find the boys that had assaulted the young woman nor could they find the girl.  But they had a missing body still to find.


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