Jessica Redux – Chapter 2 – Scene 1

Tossing the IV tubing to the ground, Jessica began pulling the tubing out of her throat while looking around.  It was hard to see.  The lights were really bright, but it was dark.  Dark all around the lights.  Where was she?

Tossing the tubing to the ground as well, she tried to stand up.  Her legs were weak.  They didn’t seem to work.  Or feel.  That was it, they didn’t really feel.  It was like her legs were asleep.

Steadying herself, Jessica noticed she had her hand on a bed beside her.  Had she been in that bed?  She couldn’t remember being in the bed or where she was.  There was tubing all over the floor too.  Somebody had made a mess.

Why couldn’t she see?  Pushing her hair out of her face, she noticed her sweater on a steel table.  Why didn’t she have her sweater on?  How did she get where she was?  She couldn’t be naked in public.

Rabbit.  She … remembered Rabbit was in trouble.  For what?  He was in trouble here, had to be.  She was here for him.  Shambling, she struggled to pull on her sweater while trying to find the door.  What was wrong with her?  Something must have happened.  Maybe it was something to do with Rabbit?

Finding the doors to the sterile, dark room with the bright lights, she pushed them open and stared into the hall.  It, like the room she had been in, was bright, almost painfully bright and smelled of alcohol and disinfectants.  There was another smell too … something sweet and vile.

Where was everyone?  It was quiet.  She couldn’t hear her own footsteps.  It was like every sound was coming to her down a tunnel, muffled and echoing.  Choosing a direction, she shuffled down the hall … was she dragging a leg?

A doctor appeared at the end of the hall.  Where had he come from?  The man must have been there the whole time, maybe she was just seeing him.  She and the man were in a hallway, but she couldn’t remember how she got there.  She must be going to meet the man.

He paused for a moment and studied her.  Tall, frighteningly handsome and possessing the most beautiful blue eyes that sparkled with malicious intelligence, the doctor watched her closely.  She tried to say something to him, wanted to ask where she was, but nothing would come out.  No words.

Why couldn’t she speak?  And why were there no doors in the hallway?  Jessica looked around, there were doors, but the darkness in her vision was clouding and camouflaging them.  How could it be bright and dark at the same time?

Maybe the doctor would say something.  Why wasn’t he saying anything?  In all his horrifying beauty he just stood there, watching her ever so closely.  Say something!  He seemed so far away.  If only she could reach him, ask him for help, but her legs.  She still couldn’t feel them and the left one didn’t want to work.

As Jessica drew closer, the doctor said something.  She could see his mouth moving, but the sound wouldn’t reach her.  All she could hear was a drone like the sound a child makes when talking into the hose of a vacuum cleaner.

He was talking to her and pointing.  He kept his gorgeous, blue, hellfire eyes locked on her, but was mouthing something to her and pointing.  He even nodded while talking.  It was one word.  The closer she got the more she could see that he was saying just one word while pointing.  One word.


He was saying home!  That was it.  But … what … home?  That word seemed special.  The doctor nodded again, mouthing the word.  Home.  She needed to go home.  That was it!  Home.  It was dark so she needed to be at home.  Or was it light?  But what about Rabbit?

Following the doctor’s pointing hand, she saw he was motioning for her to go through the window, motioning for her to go home.  Home was through the window.  Passing the doctor, she could hear him speaking and could finally make out the words through the foggy tunnel in her ears.

“… so beautiful.  You’re magnificent,” the doctor said, his voice carried the sweet melody of a violin playing a dirge.  “You should get something to eat on your way home.  Aren’t you hungry?”

Pulling herself to the window, she looked up at the doctor.  Hungry.  What did that word mean?  Why was she having so much trouble thinking?  Maybe …

She turned and took one last look at the stunning man.  If he was a doctor, why was he helping her?  Home.  He was sending her home.  That was it.  She had to go home and eat.  Doctors wanted to get you home and wanted you to eat.

Why did she need a doctor?  What had happened?  How did she get into the hallway?  The lights were so bright, but it was so dark around the flickering tubes.  And who was the beautiful man in front of her?  Why did he frighten her?  Her heart wasn’t pounding … she couldn’t even feel it, her hands weren’t shaking, they were numb, but she was afraid of him all the same.

The wind from the open window blew her hair around her face.  Was it cool?  She couldn’t really feel it.  And when did she open the window?  What was happening to her?

She had to go home.  She had to eat.


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