Jessica Redux – Chapter 1 – Scene 1

Jessica waited at her bedroom door like a champion sprinter waiting for the gun to fire.  In the silence of her dark room, she could hear her father finishing his shower.  Her muscles tensed as the shower stopped.

Only a few more seconds.

Hearing the bathroom door open, she made her break.  It was her chance, she had to get there before her sister or her chance at a shower was over.  Sprinting, she exploded through the hallway, her auburn hair streaking behind her.  Only a few more steps.

“Morning Daddy!” she blurted while nearly knocking her balding father off his feat as she streaked past.

Shaking his head and grinning, Tony Capadelli chuckled.  The door had hit him in the ass on his way out.  Teenage girls.  He snorted in amusement.

Jessica, or Jessi as everyone called her, quickly wrapped up her morning ritual, simple as it was.  She didn’t worry too much about makeup or intense hair rituals, simplicity was its own beauty in her mind

Going downstairs, she joined her father at the kitchen table where he was diligently typing at his laptop.

“Good morning Daaaahhddy,” she cooed, going to the refrigerator.  She and her sister always pronounced “daddy” that way when they wanted something.

“No,” he responded without looking up.

Taking out the jug of milk and setting it on the counter, she feigned ignorance, “No to what Daddy?  I was just wishing you a good morning.”

“Uh huh,” Tony responded, looking up from the monitor for a short moment.  “Just a good morning,” he chuckled again, looking back at his monitor.

“Well yeah,” Jessi giggled, grabbing the Special K out of the cupboard, she sat it next to the milk.  “What’s wrong with a girl wishing her Daaahhdy a good morning?”  She picked up a bowl and started pouring her cereal.

“Because she really just wants the keys to the Cadillac,” her father said without looking up.

“So I can!?” Jessi sat down at the table.  Her excitement exploded like a party balloon.

“No,” her father chuckled again, scratching his scalp.  “You have your Scivic.”

“But Daaaaad,” Jessie started, but Tony stopped typing and raised his hand.

“You earned your Civic, Mom earned her Caddie,” Tony explained.

Munching on her cereal, Jessi quickly swallowed, “But you didn’t really earn your Jeep,” she whined.  Jessi was good at whining, she had spent seventeen years perfecting it after all.

“Having to put up with you guys?” Tony looked up again, “I deserve a freaking Ferrari.”

Jessi pushed out her bottom lip.  It never worked, trying to cute-con her dad into things.  But heck, there was always a first time wasn’t right?

Tony gave her that half-smile he always did when his mind was made up and then went back to his computer.  Jessi’s dad always did his best to make sure his kids had everything they wanted, but he had an annoying habit of making them earn it.  So even though mom made enough money for everyone to retire early, Jessi had to buy her own car, a powder blue Honda.

“Hey Dad!”

Drat!  Her brother Alex was up and already downstairs.  There went her chance to con her way into the pink Caddie.

“Hey big guy,” responded Tony, again without looking up.

“Dad, we still going to Zombie Death Battle tonight?” Alex asked, pouring himself a bowl of Cap’n Crunch.

“Dude!” Jessi squealed, “I’m totally going!”  Tony, Alex and Jessica had always had a weird relationship; football, bad horror movies and worse food.

“Gross,” Kayla said, joining everyone at the table, “Dad, can I go with Missy to the new Hunger Games movie tonight?”

“You don’t want to go to Zombie Death Battle with us?” Tony asked.

Jessi chuckled.  Her dad knew darn well that Kayla wouldn’t go to Zombie Death Battle with them.  She was a girly girl, she didn’t do video games or zombie movies or basketball or … well, any of the fun stuff.

“Shut up Jess,” Kayla barked.

“All right you two, don’t even start,” Tony started to intervene, but Jessica decided to keep it going by sticking her tongue out at Kayla.

“Daad!  Jess stuck her tongue out at me!” Kayla said, filing her complaint.

“Really ..?” Tony started again, but Jessica jumped into the fight.

“Well somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed?” Jessica said, grinning.

“Both of you shut up!” barked Tony while the girls continued to make faces at each other.  “Kayla, take your brother to school.”

The fighting having been diffused, Jessica finished her morning ritual and headed to school.  It only took a couple of minutes to drive to the high school, but she managed to fit twenty two text messages into the drive for she reached the first light.

Looking up she jammed on the breaks causing the little car to skid.  The light had changed!

“Dammit,” she cursed, dropping her phone just as a big pickup crossed the intersection.

The man in the truck watched her drift into traffic while digging for her phone and could only shake his head.


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