The “I’s” Have It!

So the “I’s” have it!  Since “I” (hehe … get it now?  *Wink, Wink*, I?  The “I’s” have it? … oh never mind) Since I was the only one that voted for the continuing content, that means … it’s gonna be a Blovel!

For those that don’t know, a Blovel is a serialized novel written across multiple Blog posts.  In this case, I will be writing a zombie novel with each Blog post being one chapter of the novel.  (Get it?  Blog + Novel = Blovel … har-dee-har *snort*)

Anyway, the story that will be coming up will be Jessica Redux.  Jessica is the perfect girl; tall, pretty, popular, perfect boyfriend and had everything going her way … until she decided to text and drive.  Lying in the hospital bed, she is dying of massive hemorrhaging and the doctors have only one possible option; injection of two experimental viruses.  One virus will keep her nervous system functioning at a limited capacity, the other will keep her muscular system functioning at a limited capacity.  It will give her family about a year with her before she suffers a total failure and finally dies.

But the viruses don’t work and she dies on the operating table.

Or so everyone thought, until they find her at home in bed the next morning.  Her memory is quickly failing, her heart no longer pumps and she no longer breaths; Jessica has become a zombie.  As her family struggles to find some solution, Jessica continues to degrade as her body and brain rot.  Faced with an increasingly animalistic and carnivorous daughter, they finally must make a decision, do they kill their own daughter to stop a spreading plague or hide her from the authorities and put themselves at risk?

Be sure to check in periodically to see how the story progresses!


About Webgoji

I am a member of the Kansas Writers Association and Wichita Writers Guild. I have successfully completed National Novel Writing Month and have completed 3 different novels. My first novel "The Fay Dragon Chronicles" unfortunately wasn't published, but I am currently trying to get my second book "The Seraphim Protocol" published. View all posts by Webgoji

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