Rumblebutt – A Short Story

Rumblebutt, Rumblebutt,

The toy that comes alive!!

Jimmy looked away from the flashing colors on the TV screen, “Mom?” he asked, “Rumblebutt doesn’t really come to life does he?”.

Tina looked up from the flickering yellow halo of the birthday candles, “Of course not …” she started to say.

“But Grandma says toys come to life at night while you’re sleep,” Jimmy countered quickly as he darted to the table.

Tina pushed her raven hair out of her eyes, “Have you ever seen them come to life at night?” she asked.  Tina believed in letting Jimmy work things out for himself before just giving him the answer.

“Uh, no,” Jimmy pulled himself into a chair in front of the cake, “But I was asleep.”

“Touche’!” chuckled Tina as she stood back.

The birthday party was small, Jimmy didn’t have any friends at his new school and it had taken all of her money to move them away from his father.  But it didn’t matter, they were safe and Jimmy was in for the surprise of his life.

“Okay,” coaxed Tina, “Make a wish and blow out your candles!”

Jimmy paused and thought hard, squinching up his face in concentration.  Opening his eyes, he huffed and puffed until all eight of his candles were smoldering remnants of their once feeble beauty.

Clapping, Tina pushed Jimmy’s present in front of him, “Okay, now open it!” she squealed, “I wanna see it too.”

In a flurry of shredding and flying paper, the young boy tore open the wrapping.  But when he saw the box in front of him, he quickly pushed his chair back from the table.

“What?” asked his mom.  It was what he wanted … wasn’t it?

“I … I wished for a Rumblebutt,” whispered the boy.

“Well that’s awesome ’cause there it is!” Tina smiled, pointing at the box.  Quickly, she took the wooden old man out of his cage, making sure he was on the iron train.

“B … but I … I wished he really would come alive …” the child stuttered as tears began rolling down his cheeks.

“Oh,” cooed his mother, “Toys can’t come to life.  And I’ll make you a deal; I’ll come in and check on Rumblebutt.  If he comes to life, I’ll BREAK HIM!” she barked, giving her son her “mean face” and showing her claws.

“You … sure,” huffed the boy.

“I’m sure,” his mother smiled back.  “Now let’s have some cake.”


*   *   *


Twelve o’clock.  Way too late, but it had taken Tina the entire night to finish up the paperwork her lawyer needed.  Twelve o’clock.

Yawning, she stood up from the table and started to shamble toward her bedroom.  She was just grabbing the doorknob when she remembered her promise to Jimmy.  She had to keep her promise … as much for her as for Jimmy.

Smiling to herself, she shuffled to Jimmy’s room and quietly opened the door.  The golden light of the living room poured over Jimmy like a waterfall, illuminating his saucer eyes as he sat up in bed.

The boy was barely able to raise his hand to point at the end of his bed, “R … R … Rumblebutt’s alive mommy,” he whispered.

Her eyes shot to the end of the bed where a twisted monster sat on it’s steed.  A warped old man with razor fangs and yellow cat eyes turned his hairless spider to face Tina.

Grinning widely, it’s fangs glinting in the light, it hissed at her, “You’re up too late young lady.”

It’s voice bubbled as if it had lung cancer, “You’re not supposed to peek after midnight!” it screeched.


*   *   *


neither mother nor son have been located at this time.  It is felt that her estranged husband may have been involved and police have him in custody.  More information on this developing story as it happens.

Next, the weather!


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