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The other night, my wife mentioned her friend’s husband looks like me and has the same interests.  I was talking with my son and mentioned that I must have another doppelganger.  (Yes, that’s the second one.)  My son asked what a doppelganger was so I explained it to him and, as I mentioned in previous posts, considered what I was telling him.  That’s when a new concept struck me.

Since I use Dramatica Theory, here is the start of the plot outline:

Grand Argument – Is it our actions that define us or is it something deeper?

Story Goal – Shanna attempts to get the doppelganger captured without it getting killed.

Consequence – The doppelganger will kill her to cover its tracks and then find a new host.


  1. Shanna must identify that her husband is, indeed, a doppelganger and not her real husband.
  2. Shanna must find a way to prove that the doppelganger isn’t her real husband.
  3. The authorities will have to be convinced to take the creature alive instead of hunting it down and killing it.


  1. The doppelganger is able to pass a lie detector test.
  2. It remembers events that only Shanna and her husband would know.
  3. It refuses a blood test.
  4. It becomes distant and brooding, watching her closely.


  1. Shanna loses her real husband, Derek.
  2. She is ostracized by Derek’s family.
  3. Shanna becomes a suspect in several unsolved murders.


  1. She is able to demonstrate that the doppelganger doesn’t have Derek’s athletic ability.
  2. Shanna is able to corner the doppelganger and get it to confess to her.
  3. Shanna successfully locates her real husband’s body and positively identifies him.


  1. Shanna notices that after coming home from a car accident, her husband begins to act “different”; he has more energy and seems oddly happier.
  2. With the finding of the body, she makes a positive ID and moves suspicion to the doppelganger when it won’t agree to a blood test.
  3. The FBI is aware that it is a creature and want to have it killed, she appeals to their more curious side convincing them that it should be studied instead of killed.


  1. I really need to work these out

So I really need to work on Shanna, get her story figured out because I need to work out why she would want anything other than having the doppelganger killed.  Her reasoning would be based on attachment; the creature looks and acts like her husband, but it obviously isn’t.  It will need to calm her down and try to appeal to her caring side.  Again, needs work.

I also need to work out the character matrices to make sure the characters fill all the dramatic roles.

Issues aside, this story does provide a chance for me to explore a more dramatic approach than Advent Overkill.  The doppelganger provides me with a more sympathetic and well rounded character than Overkill and also provides me with a greater opportunity to explore attachment and the psyches of forgiveness and compassion.


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