“Advent Overkill” – Characters

For this edition of Webgoji’s Ramblings, I’m going to introduce you to a few of the characters from Advent Overkill and give you a little insight into their lives.


Justin Moser

Justin lead a simple childhood … well, as simple as one could lead in a city beset by werewolves and vampires.  At night he had to sleep with the lights on and with one eye open and during the day he had to keep a close eye on strangers for any sign they might be a lycanthrope.

By middle school Justin had separated himself from the other students both athletically and aggressively.  It was at this point he was diagnosed with an aggressive antisocial disorder … a  disorder that would help him later in life.

After several trips to the Juvenile Detention center in high school, he joined the City 13 security forces.  His overt aggression though did not lend itself well to simply patrolling the streets; he made the decision to try to hunt down the monsters himself.

After several embarrassing incidents, officials realized that he had a better calling; Cerberus Squad.  They enlisted him into the special forces group of City Security where he flourished.  Leaving the City walls, Justin and his squad would hunt down and kill any vampire or werewolf they could find.

Now he finds himself facing an opponent the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the gates of Hell opened.



Overkill’s origins remain a mystery, even to his own people; the Vargr.  As the stories are told, the Warlord appeared on the hill overlooking a cairn.  He was battered and bloodied, but held the severed head of a vampire in his fangs.  Though he never demonstrated the need to preach or arouse his people, they soon discovered his intentions; the complete destruction of humanity.

Leading those who would follow him into battle after battle, Overkill was often quizzed by those who didn’t understand why he hunted the humans.  His answer was always the same; they were the source.

After many small victories, the warlord turned his attention to the great walled cities behind which the humans hid.  Those cities, like the small villages around them, would also have to fall.  But there was one thing about humanity that Overkill admired; they were clever.  They had managed to survive against the werewolves and vampires for thousands of years, but their walls indicated something more than their intelligence; they had a weakness.

Knowing that their intelligence was their strength, Overkill came to the conclusion that humanity had to be destroyed from the inside.  Their cities were too strong, but like a disease, the cities could be toppled from an inner assault.

And so the stories talk of The Great Warlord teaching his people to stand on two legs.  How he knew he could transform into a human has, like his past, been lost to mystery, but the inherent ability of the Vargr to take on the appearance of humans gave them the unique opportunity to infiltrate the cities they intended to attack.

His new target, City 13, is different though.  Security is tighter and the vampires and werewolves are ready for him.  But death always comes, whether you are ready for it or not.


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