“Advent Overkill” – Bestiary

Since I explained the nasty critters that inhabit the world of Charon in The Seraphim Protocol, I thought it appropriate to talk about the monsters of Advent Overkill.  There are essentially three races of non-human creatures in this alternate history of the world.



So Darin, are the vampires sexy in Advent Overkill?  NO!  Well then, are they at least alluring?  That’s the same thing and NO!

The vampires of Advent Overkill are corpses that are animated by evil spirits.  These evil spirits need human blood in order to remain in their undead shells.  What this means is that the vampires of the story are not like those normally depicted in movies and most books.  They are pale like the dead and their hair is normally stringy and white.  They do look essentially human, just fresh out of the grave.

Unlike the depictions of many vampires, the vampires in Advent Overkill don’t have any nasty allergies to the sun.  They are nocturnal because, being dead, their eyes don’t adjust to bright light.  Ergo, they prefer to only leave their lairs at night, but are capable of moving around during the day.

Remember how I mentioned that they aren’t sexy?  Well these vampires don’t give pretty women hickeys.  They don’t have fangs and have to use either a weapon to get at the blood of their victims or chew through the skin with their normal teeth.  As you can imagine, it’s a rather horrifying process.  It’s also important that it’s human blood.  These vampires need to absorb the life essence of humans so that the evil spirit can remain in the body.  Without it, they wither and fall into a torpor-like sleep.

Finally, there’s nothing romantic about how a vampire is made.  The process first requires a victim who is weak willed.  That way, their soul can be easily removed and the evil spirit take over.  Then they must be drained of their blood.  During this process, the spirit is summoned by the other vampires.  Just before the victim dies, their soul is forcibly removed during the ritual and the evil spirit moves in to inhabit the fresh corpse.  The newly formed vampire is only a shadow of their former self; evil, vicious and dangerous.



Werewolves, like vampires, are made and not born.  They are people infected with the disease of lycanthropy.  The problem with werewolves is that it’s much easier to become a werewolf than a vampire.

Werewolves turn into normal wolves during the full moon, as is common in all of the legends.  The size and coloration will be the same as the infected person.  A 110 lb woman with brown hair will turn into a 110 lb wolf with brown fur.  They are overcome by an insatiable appetite and will attack anything other than another werewolf in an attempt to feed.  Once changed, the infected person becomes naught but a ravenous eating machine.

Even though the werewolves are mindless monsters during their change, the vampires noted the chance at an ally in the beasts.  Since they look human most of the time, the vampires struck an accord with the werewolves; the werewolves would protect and support the vampires while the vampires would provide resources and strategies for the werewolves.

Seeing the chance for even stronger guards, the vampires found that an injection of colloidal silver can force a werewolf to change at any time and that exceptionally strong-willed people could have some measure of control during their transformation.  Therefore, the vampires created a special forces group of protectors who would carry syringes of colloidal silver to be able to change at any time.



The Vargr are a new race that hasn’t been discovered yet in Advent Overkill.  They are a race of monstrous wolf-like creatures that can change into humans.  Unlike werewolves, they are not infected by a disease and can change at will.

Utterly massive, the female Vargr range from 280 to over 250 lbs and the males can weigh in at over 300 lbs.  They have opposable thumbs in their wolf-like form and are broader and more powerful than a normal wolf.

The vampires of City 13 believe them to be a new race of undomesticated werewolves that need only be subdued.  Unfortunately, the Vargr warlord, Overkill, has other plans.


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