Work in Progress – “Advent Overkill”

People who know me have asked, “So, Darin … when are you going to write a story about Overkill?”

Okay, I’m paraphrasing, but it honestly has come up several times.  Overkill is a character I developed for a roleplaying game years ago and is quite possibly the most monstrous monster I ever created.  You see, Overkill is a werewolf who is nearly pure animal.  That said, he’s about as 1-dimensional as a character could get so I wasn’t able to ever work out a story that would work for him.

But now I have it!  Ergo, I have started writing a book that is tentatively titled Advent Overkill.

In an alternate history, mankind has been plagued by vampires and werewolves since the beginning of time.  These beasts have banded together for protection and their combined strength has forced man to live inside huge, walled cities.  Security around these cities is designed to keep vampires and werewolves out through a series of blood and genetic tests performed on everyone that comes and goes.

Our protagonist, Justin Moser, lives in City 13 and is a member of an elite security squad that not only keeps the monsters out, but also hunts them down outside the city walls.  Unfortunately, the monsters are already inside.

After slaughtering a group of werewolves outside the city walls, his squad is put on trial for crimes against humanity.  Fortunately, his lawyer is a werewolf that has eyes for Justin.  In time, he convinces Justin to join their ranks, turning him into a werewolf and training him to be one of their special enforcers.

As one of his first jobs, Justin is sent to infiltrate a new group of werewolves.  These beasts have started amassing outside the city and are believed to have completely destroyed three other cities.  It is here that he meets the monster of his nightmares; Overkill.

Blindingly intelligent, unfeeling, uncaring and nightmarishly violent, Overkill is planning his next assault; on City 13.  For the first time, Justin has gone from being the monster to having to face a monster, a monster motivated by only one thing; hate.

Stay tuned as I take you deeper into the world of Advent Overkill and update you as story progresses.


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I am a member of the Kansas Writers Association and Wichita Writers Guild. I have successfully completed National Novel Writing Month and have completed 3 different novels. My first novel "The Fay Dragon Chronicles" unfortunately wasn't published, but I am currently trying to get my second book "The Seraphim Protocol" published. View all posts by Webgoji

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