Horror and “The Seraphim Protocol” – Bioweapons

Given that I’m getting around to describing the horror in The Seraphim Protocol and started with the bestiary, I thought I would explain the Hunter/Killers of the story.  These are the biological weapons that form the main protagonists of the book.

When the world governments discovered their second planet, Charon, they quickly labeled it as “uninhabitable” due to the large concentration of rather nasty critters.  A company named Biocorp, on the other hand, saw a chance to make huge profits on the natural resources of the planet.  Because the world governments wouldn’t spend the manpower to clear the planet of it’s hostile species, Biocorp started with normal security personnel.  This proved disastrous so they started the bioweapons projects.


Alpha Units

The first biological weapons sent to Charon were labeled “Alpha Units”.  Simple and inexpensive, the alpha units were cyborgs.  Created from the bodies of dead people that donated themselves to science, they were reanimated with mechanical technology and sent to kill the monsters of Charon.  But they simply carried out their programming without being adaptable enough to survive.  Biocorp believes they mothballed the remaining alpha units just as the Beta Units arrived.
Beta Units

Believing that a living person would be more adaptable than the metal and flesh Alpha Units, Biocorp went in search of living hosts.  While trying to get people to volunteer, they stumbled upon what they would call “The Archangel Protocol”.  This protocol was a series of physical and genetic modifications they could enact on a person to make them stronger, faster and capable of healing at an extraordinary rate.  Since they couldn’t find anyone that would volunteer to get their genetic structure changed and then likely die on Charon, Biocorp offered an incentive; they would pay huge sums of money to the families of those that would volunteer.  Thus, they were able to recruit many candidates who would undergo the Archangel Protocol.  Unfortunately, there was a nasty side effect – total memory loss.  The candidates kept dates and facts, but were not able to remember their names or families; nothing about their private lives.  This suited Biocorp just fine.  Darren, Jacob’s trainer, is an example of a Beta Unit in The Seraphim Protocol.


Gamma Units

Unfortunately, the Beta Units weren’t tough enough and the gorehounds (or worse) were shredding them to pieces.  Biocorp was forced to invent a new protocol; The Seraphim Protocol.  In this case, they had to condition the candidate’s body with the Archangel Protocol and then applied a new series of genetic and physical modifications dubbed Seraphim.  The new protocol not only made the candidates faster and stronger than even the beta units, but also allowed them to power energy weapons with an internal battery.  The Gamma Units were nearly unstoppable.  Their bones were like steel, their skin like stone and they could tear down a gorehound with their bare hands.  That is, until the skrill and other monsters began to appear …

Jacob, the main protagonist of The Seraphim Protocol, is a Gamma Unit.


Delta Unit Prototype

Due to the increasing ferocity and strength of the monsters lurking on Charon as well as the humanity of the Gamma Units, Biocorp was forced to come to decision; they needed a monster as well.  Thus they began work on a new life form.  This creature would be created in a laboratory.  The plan; combine the genetics of the most adaptable creature ever found with a sentient race to give it intelligence, apply the Archangel and Seraphim protocols and then turn it loose to watch the carnage.

Unfortunately, they ended up with Draghixa …


Okay folks, I promised and I’ll deliver.  Next time, where does the horror come from in The Seraphim Protocol?


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