Horror and “The Seraphim Protocol” – Bestiary

I guess it’s time that I stop talking about other people’s work and maybe step up to the plate myself.  So I thought I would start with describing some of the bestiary native to The Seraphim Protocol.

Why?  Well, as I mentioned, monsters were common to the origins of horror so why not start there first?  Soooo … here we go!

Terrordeer – Terrordeer are large powerful carnivores that resemble mule deer from Earth.  They have deadly antlers and vicious fangs.  They’re eyes are multi-faceted like an insect’s eyes.  Even though they are nasty predators, they are quite low on the food chain of Charon.

Gorehounds – Gorehounds are large wolf-like creatures approximately the size of a mountain lion (or puma depending on where you live).  Gorehounds typically feed on terrordeer, but will kill and eat just about anything they can bring down.  The truly frightening aspect of these beasts is that they don’t reproduce by breeding, but through infection.  When someone is bitten by a gorehound, a new hound will grow inside them until finally, a full-grown gorehound tears its way out of their skin.

Hackers – Hackers are reptilian humanoids known for capturing and dismembering any creature they can overpower.  Resembling small t-rexes, the hackers will hack limbs off of their victims and replace them with cybernetic parts or, if available, random parts from other creatures.  The resulting abominations are so twisted physically and mentally that they are nothing but automatons.

Chimera – Chimera is large beast resembling a chimera of legend.  Normally reclusive and extremely territorial, Jacob and Draghixa are forced to combat her outside her cave.

Leviathan – An absolutely monstrous beast with the head of a triceratops and body of a bull.  Capable of flight, the gigantic monster spends the majority of its time sleeping.  Whoa be to he who awakens the monster, but Jacob and party are forced to lure it to their location due to Draghixa’s penchant for massive collateral damage.

Skrill – Skrill are horrific, insect-like creatures with a need to breed.  Skrill are said to do two things; eat and breed.  And sometimes they do both at once.  Oddly, skrill are capable of breeding with any living creature; all they need is DNA and the host will give birth to a skrill.

Weapon – The magnum opus of the hackers, Weapon is literally a biological weapon designed to defend the temple.  More than a match for even the toughest Gamma Class bioweapons, Weapons strength is second only to his ability to shrug off damage.

So Darin, how come you have monsters in The Seraphim Protocol when you said that monsters weren’t scary any more?  Well, that’s because of the nature of the story.  As I mentioned when I was discussing Dramatica Theory, in a Grand Argument type of story, the story mind is trying to answer some kind of question.  In The Seraphim Protocol, this question is, “Can there be so much suffering that life is lived without hope?”

Ergo, I needed monsters so there was no safe place on Charon.  Not because they are the source of horror in the book.  We’ll get to that later.  😉


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