Yeah, I said that . . .

Last time I promised a few fun quotes and lines from The Seraphim Protocol.  It’s true that the novel is a science fiction/horror novel, but there a several instances of the characters joking around with each other.



“I regret not remembering what I regret.”

“Do we even have a police force or something like that around here for me to call and how long do you intend to stand here dripping wet in your towel looking all come-hither?”

“Get back here Bill, you’re gonna get eaten by a sandworm or cocklebur or something!”

“My superspy stealth training is nearly complete.”

“I wasn’t designed to fight monsters; I was designed to look good on the cover of a romance novel.”



“I’m a girl so I’m the victim here, that means you have to go with me.”

“Yes I am, I’m the girl remember.  I can make up a rule and then change it on a whim.”

“Because your designer wanted you guys to be hot.

“I feel like a chew toy.”



“Would you rather I said something like normal-biological-entity-impaired?”

“Rumor has it we signed our bodies over to Biocorp for money that went to our families.  I like to think I had a drinking problem and signed it over to my dog.”


So having talked about how I approach the craft of writing, it’s important to remember that Dramatica is the method that works for me and may not work best for everyone.  I hope next time to start highlighting the writing styles of other writers.


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