Dramatica and “The Seraphim Protocol”

Last time I posted, I promised to detail how I used Dramatica Theory to write The Seraphim Protocol.  Since I’ve already talked about how I used complex characters, we’ll go through the steps I outlined last time concerning story goal, preconditions, foreshadowing, etc.

Story Goal

This is probably the simplest part of The Seraphim Protocol.  The goal of the story is for Jacob to get Draghixa off of the planet Charon so that she can live out a normal life.


The consequence of them not achieving this goal is a little more tricky due to Draghixa’s state of mind.  Most likely, Jacob would fail and die in the process.  Then Draghixa would be caught by Biocorp and would undergo the Divinity Protocol . . . if she didn’t commit suicide first.


The requirements for getting Draghixa off the planet are:

  1. Convince her to go.  She’s given up hope so she tends to resist.
  2. Survive long enough to find a way off of the planet.


There are numerous forewarnings, mostly in the guise of Draghixa herself.  Being the impact character, she wants the same goal as Jacob, but provides a different perspective.  Throughout the story, Jacob maintains that things will change, but Draghixa keeps stating that they will never change.


Since the basic premise of the novel is suffering, the costs come at a very high price.  Jacob himself is severely injured and Draghixa nearly killed on more than one occasion, but that often pales compared to their mental state.


These appear as the small victories in the novel where Jacob and Draghixa manage to overcome monsters terrorizing the countryside and finding more information about her past and . . . her son.  The real dividends though are that Jacob manages to start wearing her down.  He begins to convince her that things will work out and that they will eventually get her off the planet as well as learn more about his own past.


The prerequisites for The Seraphim Protocol include discovering who is plotting against them, clearing the company and monsters out of their way and deteriming the fate of Draghixa’s baby.


The preconditions for this manuscript are . . . secret.  But really, it has to do with the pasts of the characters and how the pasts of Jacob and Draghixa intersect.  And that’s all I got ta say ’bout that.

Next time I’ll be posting some fun character quotes and snippets from The Seraphim Protocol.


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